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Trilha das Lontras

Trilha das Lontras

City: Cotiporã

Theme: Nature

The track is 6 km from Cotiporã and the access is through a non paved Road. Centro Interpretativo da Trilha das Lontras, a typical construction of the period of Italian immigration apogee, has belonged to Carlesso family. It is the starting point of the track.

Trilha das Lontras is a trek by Arroio Vicente Rosa Valley, which has many waterfalls and watermills from the beginning of Italian immigration. It has 5.725 m of distance, made in four hours, having a middle difficulty level.

The trek is made mainly through native wood, with no people’s influence, where you can find three historical granges: Taúpão de Pedra, Moinho dos Calza and Pilão do Imigrante.

More information by the telephone (54) 3446 2800.

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