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Caminhos de Pedra

Caminhos de Pedra

City: Bento Gonçalves

Theme: Rural Tourism

Authentic representatives of country culture, those in which everything was handmade, the Italian immigrants brought to São Pedro District the wealth of their cultural values, expressed through religiosity, work and family.

Nowadays, Caminhos de Pedra tries to rescue the cultural inheritance received from Italian immigrants, being a live museum, where these immigrants’ descendants receive the visitors and show them the authenticity of their culture, gastronomy and architecture.

In order to enjoy the most this itinerary you must have a tourist guide with you.

Visiting fees are paid in the place or in tourism agencies and operators.

You can get more information on the site www.caminhosdepedra.org.br, or with Associação Caminhos de Pedra by the telephones (54) 3455 3555 or (54) 3454 5702

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