Uva e Vinho



The colonization started in 1884 in Veranópolis, when the first Italian immigrants arrived. Before that, since 1830, all the territory of this region has belonged to Santo Antônio da Patrulha town and the nearest villages from Veranópolis were Lagoa Vermelha and Vacaria. A single road connected these villages to Santo Antônio da Patrulha. As time went by, farmers from Lagoa Vermelha opened ways and were going into the region of the future Alfredo Chaves colony. The forest lands near Antas River have been appropriated by the immigrants to cultivate corn and to extract erva-mate. At the place known as Roça Reúna, Alfredo Chaves colony was installed and then the first Italian and Polish immigrants started to populate colony’s lands.

Veranópolis town is classified by World’s Health Organization as the one with the world’s biggest longevity indicator.

*Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchet.

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