Uva e Vinho


From 1997, its actions incorporated the consolidation of Regional Governance. In the beginning, the Association had thirteen partners and nowadays the work is directed to thirty towns of the region. In this context, its actions involve:

- Coordination of the tourist inventaries of the towns through the INVTUR (the responsible organ);

- Stipulation of public and private partnerships to the necessities suplly of the tourist segment in the region;

- Hiring of services for the development and atualizations of tourist rural and urban maps;

- Participation in COREDE Serra (Regional Development Counsel), representing the tourist sector of the region;

- Development of projects for the regional handicraft. On this work, there are craftsmen’s registration, diagnosis of the main necessities, hiring of consultancy for training and qualification of the craftsmen, besides the planning of the distribution and commercialization of the products;

- Coordination or advice for Rural, Cultural, Ecological and Adventure Itineraries development and for City Tours too;

- Elaboration of folders and multimedia material of the region into three languages;

- Availability of the website in two languages, aiming to promote the region;

- Organization of the micro regions into five zones of tourist interests, respecting regional characteristics;

- Organization of the adventure pole of Rio das Antas (Antas’ River);

- Support for the entrepreneurs on the development and management of their business, focusing on legality and compliance of the current legislation according to each activity;

- Participation in fairs, events and workshops for regional advertisement;

- Assistance in the organization of partners’ events;

- Advice and consultancy to enterprises, families and farmers of the region;

- Elaboration of projects to collect resources, applying them to regional tourist development;

- Contribution to the regional tourist signal process;

- Representation of the region in State Tourism Forums;

- Defence of local and regional projects in the Ministrys;

- Support to Agro-ecology Projects;

- Support to tourism enterprises;

- National and international advertisement of the region;

- Projects with Italy of exchange programs related to wine, handicraft, graphical projects and gastronomy;

- Assistance to other governances on Tourism Programs Implementation;

- Training and qualification of the entrepreneurs in several areas;

- Lectures to communities about tourist awareness;

- Promotion activities of Citizenship and Human Rights.

Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchert.

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