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Serafina Corrêa

Serafina Corrêa

The colonization of antique Linha Onze or Rosário de Guaporé started in 1892, with the arrival of the first immigrants come from Northern Italy. With the autonomy given to Guaporé town in 1903, districts were created, among them there was Linha Onze which, in 1905, was named Capela Curada, adopting Nossa Senhora do Rosário as protector Saint.

In 1911, the town was named Serafina Corrêa and only on August 07th, 1930, with State intervention, the location was assigned as a district, remaining on this condition until 1960. On July 25th, 1960, Serafina Corrêa was emancipated.

*Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchet.

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