Uva e Vinho


Nowadays, Atuaserra coordinates and develops the following projects in Região Uva e Vinho (Grape and Wine Region):

- Projeto Natal Integrado (Integrated Christmas Project) – planning of the Christmas commemoration, integrating twenty towns of Região Uva e Vinho (Grape and Wine Region). On this Project, the advertisement is made in a unified way, aiming to brief the visitors about shows and entertainments which are going to take place in the involved towns;

- Projeto Pulando Janelas (Jumping Windows Project) – it is about patrimonial, environmental and tourist education spread to children and adolescents of public schools of the region. Through this project, there is a preparation and an acculturation of the young people for tourism, so it can be treated carefully and with responsibility by the new generations;

- Projeto Monumenta (Monumenta Project) – it is about the historical conservation of some properties of Santa Tereza, besides the revitalization of other buildings of the place, ensuring the preservation of cultural roots of the town;

- Projeto Embutidos da Serra Gaúcha – development of products and registration of the brand which denominate a different production of “embutidos” (some kind of food), following the rules and patterns used in Itally.

Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchert.

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