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Nova Roma do Sul

Nova Roma do Sul

The first colonizers arrived in 1880, there were two hundred Slav, Polish, Swedish and Russian families. Some years later, the first Italian families arrived, forming little villages.

In honor to the Italian capital, town’s first name was Nova Roma Village. On January 06th, 1899, Priest Alessandro Pelegrini prayed the first mass of the place. The first church was built in 1900 and in 1902 Nova Roma Village was created and it was composed by 362 families and 2867 inhabitants.

The antique Nova Roma Village, which was a District of Antônio Prado, got its emancipation on November 30th, 1987, and then it was called Nova Roma do Sul town.

Site: www.novaromadosul.rs.gov.br

*Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchet.