Uva e Vinho



In 1870, Conde D’Eu colony emerged, in honor to the Emperor’s son-in-law, married to Princess Isabel.

Between July and August of 1870, about fifteen Prussian families arrived there and they found some Portuguese and Kaingang Indians (an Indian who likes the nature). These immigrants received help from the government to build their houses and tools to start agriculture. They used to live from the exchange of several labors, beyond roads construction, where they were paid by the government.

In 1874, there was an increase on immigrants flow, and the Italian came, on their majority, from Northern Italy.

The beginning was very hard to the colonizers, until they build their houses and organize the culture of wheat, corn, barley, oats and vine. They used to get together to pray, celebrate and soften the distant home missing.

With the colony progress, emancipation process has started. On April 24th, 1884, Conde D’Eu Colony was elevated to the category of São Pedro village. On October 31st, 1900, the village was emancipated and named Garibaldi, in honor to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

For more informations: http://www.garibaldi.rs.gov.br

*Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchet.

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