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Flores da Cunha

Flores da Cunha

In 1877, 30 Italian families arrived at the territory where nowadays is Flores da Cunha town. A little later, in 1878, other families came, mainly from Vêneto region.
  With an area of 253 Km², 6 Km² of urban area and 247 Km² of rural area, it has 25.840 inhabitants. The climate is bland, fairly dry and there is not much fog.

   Flores da Cunha is the biggest wine producer of Brazil, the second biggest grape producer of Brazil, the second furniture pole, the second biggest garlic producer and the first alcoholic beverages of the State, with a diversified industry (there is one industry for each 17, 6 inhabitants). There is a strong fruit and vegetable production, commerce and services.

    For more information about the town, you can access town’s official web site - www.floresdacunha.com.br –, send an e-mail to turismo@floresdacunha.com.br or call to (54) 3292-1722, extension line 217.

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