Uva e Vinho



Farroupilha was the origin of Italian colonization legend on the State, more exactly at Nova Milano location, where families Radaelli, Crippa and Sperafico, come from Italy, settled around 1875. One year later, a group of settlers came from Vicenza and settled at North of Nova Milano location, and then it was named Nova Vicenza. This core succeeded quickly, because it was located on the junction of the roads which led to Caxias, Conde DEu and Santa Isabel colonies. The construction of the railroad between Porto Alegre and Caxias do Sul has determined the transference of this core to the South of Farroupilha. Júlio de Castilhos highway, built in 1911, which linked the capital with the mountain region, crossed the village that was still in formation process. The town, today well industrialized, has natural places as Parque do Pinheiros (Pine Park), located at central zone, and Salto Ventoso Cascade, shooting scenery of “O Quatrilho” (a Brazilian series).

Site: www.farroupilha.rs.gov.br

*Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchet.

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