Uva e Vinho



Its name means Little Beautiful Bush (Mato Pequeno Bonito). Around 1885, the first Italian immigrants’ families penetrated into virgin forest and they stayed at Primeira Linha Colonies, nowadays Linha Frei Caneca. Later, other pioneers have appropriated the colonies. In Segunda Linha, denominated Independência, a little core was started and it was named Monte Vêneto, in honor to Vêneto Region, in France, from where its inhabitants have come from. This place belonged to Alfredo Chaves location, where today is Veranópolis town. On December of 1892, Monte Vêneto Parish was created and, in 1893, Nossa Senhora da Saúde Parsonage. Its formation occurred with the arrival of thirty Polish families, some German and African ancestries. In 1908, the first Brazil’s Dairy Cooperative was founded by Priest Eugênio Medichesqui. In 1912, Sul Americana swine products factory was organized and the industrialization of the village had begun. On May 9th, 1982, people of Cotiporã decided to create a town, getting its emancipation under State Law number 7.652.

*Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchet.

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