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Atuaserra, founded on October 25th, 1985, in Caxias do Sul, has had as first partners eleven Tourism Secretariats from Caxias do Sul, Antônio Prado, Flores da Cunha, Garibaldi, Farroupilha, Bento Gonçalves, Veranópolis, Serafina Corrêa, Nova Prata, Guaporé and São Marcos towns. On the ocasion, the towns intended to consolidate their actions related to promotion of the attractives of vineyards region, aiming to strengthen and rescue tourism, which was very present until the fifties, when it was substituted by industrial activity, which has had its apogee in the seventies.

Its first statute was registered on June 26th, 1986, and its objectives were:

• Promote and congregate the tourism organs of northeast mountain region

• Debate and suggest manners to promote the development of member towns

• Promote the improvement of work methods and apply a development politics which conserves the customs and peculiar traditions of each integrated town

• Estimulate the exchange with the other Tourism organs, as well as the relationship among the member towns and their relation with other regions

• Enable tourist itineraries which can integrate the whole region

• Assessorate the events individually or with help of the member towns

• Elaborate, with the member towns, the annual region’s calendar of events, making it widely public in all tourist transmitter centers

• Claim to the responsible organs financial infrastructure, organizational material and technical support suitable for the region tourist development.

In 1995, with nineteen member towns, it was decided to implant a monthly contribution and incentivate the participation of the new towns that have been created through the emancipation processes of the decade. Nowadays, with thirty partners, it has the participation of private initiative through Commerce and Industry Centers, Sindilojas and CDLs (commerce associations) and the Syndicate of Hotels, Restaurantes, Bars and Similars of the region.

This way, in 1997, the first President of Atuaserra was elected, come from private initiative, who has started to do the execution, capacitation and professionalization of the entity, creating a structure and hiring professionals to develop the implementation and promotion of Região Uva e Vinho (Grape and Wine Region).

Among its actions, there is the worry about planning mechanisms that can bring a sustainable development to the region, which is rich in natural and cultural aspects. The activities are based on technical knowledge of the place, the creativity, reality comprehension, available financial resources and the active involvement of the target community in all work steps.

Nowadays, Northeast Mountain Region Tourism Association coordinates the developing actions of regional tourism, the sustainability of the communities, the maintenance of the culture and the potential ecosystem existent in the region.

Business: Regional Tourism Development Coordination

Vision: Be recognized as an association with an excellence pattern on developing integrated and regional projects and programs.

Mission: Promote sustainable tourism development in Região Uva e Vinho (Grape and Wine Region) through the integration and contribution of knowledge to its partners, aiming to improve the life quality inside the involved communities.

Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchert.

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