Uva e Vinho

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Via Del Vino

Via Del Vino

Address: Via del Vino | Neighborhood Centro | CEP 95700-000

City: Bento Gonçalves

Phone: +55 54 3453 6699

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In Via Del Vino, located downtown, there is “Casa Del Vinho”, where the distribution of “piped wine” happens during celebration days. The wine arrives in the taps through pipes which are connected to the casks.

In Via Del Vino, in front of the Municipal Palace, there is “La Fontana”, a fountain with water which seems to be wine.

The Municpal Palace, in neoclassical style, was inaugurated on September 20th, 1902. Up to 1935, there were in the building many public departments, among them Elementary School General Bento Gonçalves da Silva, where Ernesto Geisel, ex-president of the republic, has studied.

In Via Del Vino there is also a Tourist Information Office.