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Museu Luigi Pinzetta

Museu Luigi Pinzetta

Address: Linha 30 Pinzetta | CEP 99260-000

City: Casca

Mobile: +55 54 9994 8932

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The arrival of Italian immigrants in Brazil increased from 1875 on, until the first decades of XX century. Family Pinzetta was part of this reality, helping to build the history of Italian colonization in Rio Grande do Sul (August, 1907).

Distant 13 km from Casca, there is Santo Antônio do Trinta Chapel, known as Povoado Pinzetta too. The historical and cultural space Luigi Pinzetta has over five hundred original and beautiful articles, which have belonged to all Luigi’s ancestry generations.

The objects tell Luigi Pinzetta family’s history and the saga of Italian immigrants who have bet their work in this region.

Visits by reservation.

Contact: Januário Pinzetta.


Texto traduzido por Marciele Borchert.

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