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Construções Típicas da Imigração Italiana

Construções Típicas da Imigração Italiana

City: Cotiporã

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Joining tourism and culture, there are several attractions in Cotiporã, which include typical Italian architecture and Municipal Museum, which keeps all the history of this saga, relics from a past that has helped to build the present.

There are several typical houses of Italian immigration and rural properties in Cotiporã, each one with its own history and characteristics. They are normally built on a stone structure, which is the basement that is used as wine cellar and to keep food and tools.

Among them we can highlight the building which was for a long time the frigorífico Sul Americana. The building was founded in 1916 and it has 3.000 m², built with basalt stones and covered with zinc, the total area is 6.500m². Nowadays, the owners want to build a hotel, only modifying internal frontage and preserving external frontage.

We also highlight Cooperativa de Laticínios Trabalho e Progresso, founded in 1907, located on Rua Independência, 9. The building was built in brickwork, with handmade bricks and joined with mud.

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