Uva e Vinho

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Cachaçaria Velho Alambique

Address: Linha Nova Esperança | CEP 95715-000

City: Santa Tereza

Phone: +55 54 3456 1024

Mobile: +55 54 9171 1653

E-mail: ivandroremus@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.velhoalambique-rs.com.br

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The families Remus and Bettinelli gave continuity to a local culture of more than 100 years of tradition, making the cachaças, Velho Alambique and A Locomotiva.

The cachaçaria producer prosses their own sugar cane plantations and processing. The sugar cane is picked when it reaches the perfect maturation point, the cutting is made by the families and the grindings are accomplished daily.