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Criúva Operadora Turismo Aventura

Criúva Operadora Turismo Aventura

Address: Rua 15 de Novembro, s/n° | Distrito de Criúva | CEP 95143-000

City: Caxias do Sul

Phone: +55 54 3267 8255

Mobile: +55 54 9178 5622

E-mail: receptivo@criuvacasaverde.tur.br

Website: http://www.criuvacasaverde.tur.br

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Criúva Operadora de Turismo Receptivo has been working in Criúva District, located 54 km far from Caxias do Sul, for 8 years. Our operational base is specifically in Tourist Itinerary Criúva, known as “Eco-Aventura Gaúcha”. The offered activities are: walks which can take two to eight hours, like the crossing of Palanquinhos Canyon and Night Track with dinner in the wood, besides horseback riding, cycle tourism, cascading, abseiling and surviving training. These adventure tourism activities of Criúva are exclusively offered by Criúva Operator, so we feel very responsible for the District’s image and we are one of the enterprises of Serra Gaúcha Adventure Tourism Pole which takes part in the Safe Adventure Program, promoted by Tourism Ministery, ABETA and SEBRAE. This program contributes to permanent improving of our services, mainly the safety area. Come to enjoy nature and live an unforgettable experience in Criúva with Criúva Operator.