Uva e Vinho

Adventure Tourism

In the Serra Gaucha nature offers ideal conditions for those who want to meet challenges and overcome their personal limits. The less radical, also reserve different natural environments, historical peculiarities and cultural landmark to be known.

Here we have the ideal conditions for exploration and sightseeing, seeking harmony with nature. Thus the adventure begins and ends the stress!

Learn the methods and means which are practiced:


As its destination, the choice is driving the boat or be driven by the stream that falls on or turbulence, is preparing many surprises on the course. Anyone seeking this type found in the rivers of Serra Gaucha a flow of emotions in spectacular rafting and ducking, amid scenes of rare beauty.


Wind in the face, the horizon ahead, side by side with the birds and the thrill of unveiling the landscape from above. During the flight we perceive better the meaning of the word freedom. To the supporters of free flight, the Pólo de Aventura Rio das Antas offers favorable winds all year round, magnificent points of departure, stunning view of the importance of the Serra Gaúcha, is entitled to the famous sunset, the sun low latitudes, exclusive of Rio Grande do Sul


Hear the birds sing, seeing shapes in exotic plants and rocks, breathe deeply and quiet. A journey on foot or on wheels, the ways of nature, accelerates the senses, ennobling sentiments. Here the adventure has many forms: jeep ride, bicycle or on horseback, and rappelling, canyoning, Tyrolean, pendulum, hiking or walking trails. The region of Grape and Wine is the scenario you dream for your outdoor journeys.


Well-marked seasons, varied terrain, lush vegetation, crystal clear waters and a tourist infrastructure and efficient consolidated demonstrate that the Serra Gaucho has a natural vocation for Adventure Tourism.

Get ready to conquer a territory where they combine amazing scenery for the most challenging sports, combined with the charm of its landscapes and traditions of its people. This all under the watchful eye of professional operators in the region and service excellence of Atuaserra.


Adventure Tour Operators